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Body Fight Exercises is a training program developed specially for skydivers seeking to improve their body flying skills and performance.  It is strategically elaborated to obtain peak performance in SKYDIVING indoor and outdoor.

10 x U$ 12,53

Through specific body flying training techniques, you will be able to train your mind to visualize with precision how to orientate your body in the air applying a whole range of positions and achieve the best possible results during Skydive indoor or outdoor flying.

Improve “muscle memory” alongside physical conditioning and motor coordination to perform any body position during the flight.

The whole program is based on practical learning to improve body flight skills and get above average results.

Who is Joao Tambor?

Professional Skydiver for about 30 years, counting 19K jumps and 6K hours in wind tunnel. Dedicated to development and production of educational contents for skydivers and body flyers.

Yoga instructor, Functional exercises trainer, Master coach and NLP

Gymnastic athlete and coach


What about the course content?

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10 x U$ 12.53

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This training was structured to save you TIME and MONEY. Our brain learns by repetition, and in free fall or even in the simulator, we are only flying for a few seconds, so it is very important to create these repetition patterns, on the ground, before exposing yourself to the wind. So when you fly again, stepping out of an aircraft, you will already have created new patterns of movement and new synapses established for new learning.